The COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI):

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  • Tests positive for antibodies and therefore not infected/or vulnerable to being infected.
  • Has recently tested negative and therefore the risk of being infected is low and that one could go to work, travel or visit a facility with vulnerable populations.
  • Has received a vaccine for COVID-19 and therefore safe to travel or access a large in-person event.
  • How can emerging technology be “seen” by actors (governments, public health officials, airlines, workplaces) in the marketplace looking for solutions? Which technologists are listened to by policymakers? How are these actors making decisions about the claims these technologists are making?
  • How can networks of potential issuers of COVID-19 status credentials be spun up in such a way that the credentials issued are seen as valid by verifiers (airlines, etc.)? This set of challenges around the technology are not technical as much as they are about process and accountability systems.
  • How can existing norms of information sharing about people that are paper-based today be translated into a digital form in ways that make themselves and those concerned about human rights implications comfortable with the technical deployment?
  • How can a new privacy-preserving technology based on open standards be used for public health crises or any other time-sensitive occasions when its deployment and adoption require a lot of coordination, collaboration and communication? How can these things be facilitated by funders seeking to make a difference?



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COVID Credentials Initiative

COVID Credentials Initiative

Collaborating to enable the interoperable use of open-standard-based privacy-preserving credentials and other related technologies for public health purposes.